Why IM® ICE ?

  • Eliminates on going energy consumption
  • Ecological and economic product
  • Simple installation
  • For inside and outdoor use

  • Resistant against sun, water and snow
  • Available in virtually any size
  • No special skates required
  • Increased profits due to reduced time for maintenance


Materials Advance

IM® ICE Sheet Materials Indicative Values

IM® ICE Sheet will consist of many panels (usually in typical building material sheet sizes) of thin surface material assembled on top of a sturdy, level and smooth sub-floor (anything from concrete to wood or even dirt or grass) to create a large skating area. The connection systems vary. A true commercial joint connection system can be installed virtually on any type of surface whereas the typical “dovetail” joint system requires a near perfect substrate to operate safely.

The most common material used is HDPE (high-density polyethylene), but recently UHMW-PE (ultra high molecular weight polyethylene) is being used by some manufacturers. This new formula has the lowest coefficient levels of friction at only 10% to 15% greater than real ice.

Physical Properties

Synthetic Ice Physical Properties

IM-ICE Sheet Physical Properties