IM® ICE Rink Use Cases

Indoor Ice Rinks

Ice rinks can be built for indoor arenas in the shopping malls, Amusement parks, Community fitness, schools, or private gardens……more markets. Our design and construction team will work with you to meet your schedule and your budget.

Whether you’re looking for a small ice rink, a multi-purpose facility, seasonally operated or twelve month operated rinks, our products can meet all the requirements.

Since IM® ICE is an energy saving and energy efficiency product, no need refrigeration systems, no need water, no need DDC, no need floor piping, plus no need frequent ice rink care work. With very little investment, get great returns.

With such a good performance of the Ice product, we can offering you a complete solution that is reliable and efficient, we can design any shape any size ice rink for you.

IM-ICE Skating Rank in Primary School


Back Yard ice Rinks

With IM® ICE, we make it easy to build the backyard rink of your dreams. It never having to rely on the weather, you can enjoy ice skating all year along!

Not to mention, our portable systems are modular allowing your rink to grow with your family. You can make the rink larger, or relocate it to anywhere you want. Call or email us today for more information.

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Training Ice Rinks

With IM® ICE, we can build the training rinks to the exact size and requirements of individual hockey trainers who require more ice time at a much more economical cost. We can build any rink, any size, in any facility to meet and exceed your business objectives.

With a IM® ICE training rink you can:

  • Own your own facility
  • Manage your own ice time
  • Create your own revenue streams
  • 3 On 3 Hockey
  • Shooting Pads
  • Private Training
  • Goal-tending Clinic
  • Skill Development (ie. Lateral movement, edge control, puck handling)
  • Birthday Parties and Special Events
  • Studio Rinks


Specialty Rinks

With IM® ICE, it is easy to create unique ice facilities including building rooftop rinks, temporary skating rink in the city park, shopping mall grant opening launches, festive ice show, amateur ice dance ice competition, Christmas season ice entertainment, add the skating rink to a regular ski facility….. And other architectural ice facilities for movie effects, decorations, trade shows, exhibits.

Contact Us now to discuss your unique ice application. Our creative design staff will be happy to assist you.


Skating Paths

IM® ICE designs and builds outdoor rinks in many sizes, shapes and designs including speed skating ovals and popular skating paths. Why not enhance your outdoor park or existing rink with a winding skating path or oval?

Skating paths are ideal for parks to promote winter festivals, Christmas light shows and ice festivals. They permit ice skating in winter and are also perfect for roller blading, jogging and cycling in summer.

Skating paths also maximize skating distance while minimizing the Construction cost
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