IM® ICE Installation and Assembly

IM® ICE sheet is light, durable and low cost of installation.

The IM® ICE skating surface consists of synthetic panels. The elements are stack-able and can be easily lifted by two persons.

IM® ICE can be laid on any firm and even surface. The panels are laid directly onto the surface and are seamlessly assembled. The same goes for dismantling. The following frame can be used if the surface is not smooth.

IM-ICE Installation


IM® ICE is Easy accessibility, mobile and flexible.

As IM® ICE is a dry skating surface; they are easily assembly and rapid dismantlement. For example, an IM® ICE skating rank of 1800㎡ can be assembly and dismantled, delivered to another area for reassembly within 4 hours, as well as be divide two or three sets to be used at rental service, ice performance, Christmas party, ballet, celebration events, corporate events, community fetes or family parties.


synthetic ice is Easy Installation