Industech has been in the plastics’ business for over 20 years in USA. We mainly focus on row plastics and additive materials, such as: Ultrahigh Molecular Raw Polyethylene resins (UHMW-PE), Chlorinated Polyethylene (CPE) and Acrylic Processing Aids (ACR). Our product serves for many parts in the industrial field, such as: Lithium batteries, Lead-based batteries, high strength fibers, and filtration for UHMW resin. Our CPE and ACR serves for the PVC industry and producing products like new generation pipes, profiles for construction, and vinyl floors.

UHMW-PE sheet is another highly engineered products.

  • Our Glide W, Glide G and Glide B types are produced by high pressure extruded with 0.060″x 6.5″x any length, 0.080″ x 6.5″x any length. It serves for rail road pads and Dr. Blade. We are the only one of two suppliers in the U.S. that produces this same UHMW sheet.
  • Our UHWM-PE 3/8″ x 4 x 10 sheets are revolutionary produced by a high pressure extruder. It can serve in many areas like synthetic ice. Our current product we focus on is the base board of synthetic ice.

synthetic ice is Easy Installation

IM-ICE sheet is light