Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What Is The Difference Between an IM® ICE Rink and a traditional real Ice Rink ?

IM® ICE uses an advanced technology to reduce energy consumption, save energy, protect the environment, reduce operation costs and promote sustainable development. With this product to build a skating rink, no water and electric need. You can skating almost anywhere, indoors or outdoors, in traditional spots like in the city or countryside, or more exotic or even tropical places like at the beach or in the desert. Operating an regular ice rink commonly costs a lot on electricity and water usage plus high maintenance costs .

Q: Can I Put an IM® ICE Rink System Inside Of A Building Year Round?

Yes. Easy maintain the rink clean throughout the year. That is!

Q: How Much Does A Rink Cost?

As each one of our projects is custom built to your specific site requirements and your wishes, we do not have a standard price list that we can publish. Each rink that we do is designed differently, located in different geographical areas and are usually different sizes.

Our basic portable rinks can range from 50 square meter to 500 square meter, and our larger custom, training and concrete rinks can range from 500-1000 square meter. Training and Specialty rinks can range from 1000-1800 square meter.

All rink accessories, such as boards, are extra and priced out separately.

Q: Do You Offer Financing?

No. We do not currently offer financing on our systems.

Q: Can You Install A Rink In My Area?

Yes. We have qualified installation crews that can professionally install your ice rink project all over North America. We will have a network of dealers that could possibly install in your area soon. We install internationally as well, depending on the specifics of the project.

Q: Can You Install A Rink System In My In-Ground Pool?

Yes. We can, install a rink OVER your in-ground pool and you can move away at any time. We only recommend this if you do not have space available beside your pool as it can be costly.

Q: Can You Install A Rink On My Existing Tennis Court?

Yes. Our IM-Ice can be installed on virtually any level surface, whether concrete, asphalt, grass, soil or wood. However, the area does need to be level in order for the system to work effectively.

Q: Can I Install The Rink Myself?

Yes. We do offer Do-It-Yourself Rink Kits in various sizes. These packages come complete with all the materials that you would require to create a basic outdoor portable ice rink surface, along with comprehensive installation instructions. Each rink is priced as a package and any accessories, such as boards, are priced out separately.

Q: Can I Make My Rink Bigger Later On?

Yes. IM Ice is modular. The rink can be made larger at any time by adding more units and expanding.

Q: Up To What Temperature Will Your System Maintain Ice?

It can be used at -50℃∽+60℃, dirt and water repellent, heat, UV and chemical resistant and non-magnetic.

Q: Will Your Ice Rink System Damage My Lawn/Patio?

No. Essentially, our system works much like a natural rink would.

Q: How Level Does The Rink Area Have To Be?

Our systems only have a tolerance of about less ¼” of grade overall. There are many options to temporarily level an area without necessarily having to excavate.

Q: How long it takes to get your product?

Once your project details are finalized and we have a contract in place, we will begin design and production of your rink materials. This can generally take from 10 – 12 weeks (10 – 14 weeks from October to December).

Q: How Long Does It Take To Install Your Rinks?

This depends on the type of rink and the size and specifics of your project: Our ice panels are very easy to be installed. 50 sq meter to 1800 sq meter , it only takes 2 hours to 8 hours install the panels.

Q: Do You Rent Your Systems?

Right now, no.