IM® ICE Design Standards and Investment Budget


IM® ICE can be built in any shape and any size, and can install them virtually anywhere!

1. Consider What The Rink Will Be Used For
Before choosing the size of your rink, it is important to consider what you would like to use the rink for.

  • Communities and municipalities: Can be used for full hockey games or ball hockey and lacrosse all year around.
  • School: Add a new type of sport for schools, Training skating talent
  • Family: Will it be used to train the goalie in your family?
  • Community Park: Would you like a rink in your local park for your community to enjoy?
  • Amusement Park: Or to add a new skating project in an amusement park?
  • A Big shopping mall: Built an Ice rink will bring popularity to the mall.

These uses, and many others, will help to determine the size of the rink that you should consider.

2. Determine The Available Space
IM® ICE can easily fit your rink to your available space and needs. And rinks can always be made bigger in future.

1. Rink Construction Area: 50 square meter – 2000 square meter
Size: It can be from 50 square meter to 1800 square meter
2. Shape: long ellipse, Oval, round or rectangular
3. Ice Panel Size: 1000 x 2000 x 12.7mm,  1000 x 1500 x 10mm, 1200 x 2400 x 10mm
Regards with the dimensions, please find the following drawings.

4. Humidity: no require;Condition of ice rink: temperature -50℃∽+60℃,
5. Capacity of ice rink:400 persons/round; 2.5 m2/person
6. Duration:15~20 years;
7. Warranty: 5-10 years
8. Surface: without any load requirement, firm
9. Tolerance :±2mm;
10. Ice rink around matching requirements:with 220v power outlets round the ice rink.


As your specific site requirements and your wishes, we can build a perfect skating rink for you! But we do not have a standard price list that we can publish. Each rink that we do is designed differently, located in different geographical areas and are usually different sizes.

Our basic Ice rinks can range from 50 square meter – 500 square meter; Our larger custom, training and entertainment rinks can range from 500 square meter – 1000 square meter; Training and Specialty rinks can range from 1000 square meter – 1800 square meter for turn-key projects.

Please visit the Contact Us page of our website for a useful questionnaire that you can submit to obtain budget pricing on your ideal rink project.