IM-ICE Product

IM-ICE Design Standards and Investment Budget

IM-ICE Design Standards and Investment Budget

1. Rink construction area: 1000 m2,  Surface: 1000 m2 2. Dimensions see photos: 40M x 25M. Regards with the dimensions, please find the following drawings. 3. Humidity: no require;Condition of ice rink: temperature -50℃∽+60℃, 4. Capacity of ice rink:400 persons/round; 2.5 m2/person 5. Duration:15~20 years; 6. Warranty: 5-10 years 7. […]

Im Ice Skating Rank

IM-ICE Product and Operation Concept

IM-ICE uses an advanced technology to reduce energy consumption, save energy, protect the environment, reduce operation costs and promote sustainable development. With this product to build a skating rank, no water and electric need.   IM-ICE Ice Sheet

IM-ICE sheet is light

IM-ICE Installation and Assembly

IM-ICE sheet is light, durable and low cost of installation. The IM-ICE skating surface consists of synthetic panels. The elements are stack-able and can be easily lifted by two persons. IM-ICE can be laid on any firm and even surface. The panels are laid directly onto the surface and are […]

Synthetic Ice Physical Properties

IM-ICE Sheet Materials Indicative Values

A typical synthetic ice rink will consist of many panels (usually in typical building material sheet sizes) of thin surface material assembled on top of a sturdy, level and smooth sub-floor (anything from concrete to wood or even dirt or grass) to create a large skating area. The connection systems […]

IM-ICE Installation

IM-ICE Ice Installation